August, 2007

Stories from August, 2007

Medellín, Colombia: The Recipe

  16 August 2007

The clip of the young participants - produced using Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker - shows them explaining the 'recipe' of how to improve city-wide communication using participatory tools like blogs. At the end of the clip we are shown screenshots of the participants' weblogs (linked to at the right-hand side of the workshop website).

Medellin, Colombia: From Kidnapping Capital to Renaissance City

  7 August 2007

Medellín Colombia is synonymous with drugs, with Pablo Escobar, Marxist guerilla groups, and violent paramilitarists. But over the past decade it is also becoming well known and well regarded for having one of the most ambitious social experiments in Latin America. In this first part of a two-part podcast we become better acquainted with modern day Medellín.