June, 2009

Stories from June, 2009

EWAMT: Learning To Blog To Serve The Community

  28 June 2009

Rising Voices grantee Empowerment of Yemeni Women Activists in New Media Techniques (EWAMT) has organized two more workshops in June. Apart from teaching the participants how to blog they were informed how to use their blogs to serve their community.

Drop-In Center: A Reason to Celebrate

  21 June 2009

Drop-In Center, the Ukrainian organization uniting people living with drug addictions, has cause for celebration. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has allowed participants of substitution therapy programs to receive their medication in a drugstore with a prescription. This move will make life significantly easier and save time for many replacement therapy patients.

FOKO: Expansion And Collaborations

  20 June 2009

FOKO has completed its expansion efforts in Northern Madagascar. The SAVA region and Antsiranana are now part of the FOKO network. FOKO is helping to set up new media facilities at the Press Center in Diego. Another feat of the project is successfully conducting a blog and new media workshop for IST students.

Hiperbarrio: Winner Of The Prix Ars Electronica Awards

  5 June 2009

Rising Voices grantee Hiperbarrio in Colombia won the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica awards in the Digital Communities category and with it a 10,000 euro prize. The team members and well wishers share their reactions to the news.

Making Uruguay's 300,000 Laptops Count – Part I

  3 June 2009

Engineering a single laptop to serve the educational needs of young students throughout the developing world was probably the easiest piece of the puzzle. Helping teachers incorporate the new machines into the classroom has been a much larger - and more important - struggle.

Nomad Green: The First Workshops

  2 June 2009

The first four workshops of the Rising Voices grantee Nomad Green were completed last month. About 60 participants were introduced to citizen media tools like blog, flickr, picasa, Youtube etc. using which they will be discussing the environmental or public health issues in Mongolia.