November, 2009

Stories from November, 2009

Nomad Green: Mongolian Environmental News, Reported By You

  28 November 2009

The cyber environmentalists from Mongolia, participants of the Nomad Green project has been on the job, sharing more and more revealing posts about the impact of the country's environmental deterioration. And they invited more people to the party as the Rising Voices grantee concluded five more workshops recently.

[Video] Interview with Rodrigo Nogueira of Viva Favela

  24 November 2009

Rodrigo Nogueira is the Editor of Viva Favela, a Rio de Janeiro-based citizen journalism project of Viva Rio. Viva Favela's coverage of the aftermath following a helicopter which was shot down by drug dealers in Rio De Janeiro was featured on Global Voices earlier this month.

Hiperbarrio: Dealing With Crimes And Searching For Soul

  7 November 2009

The Public Pilot Library of Medellín, Colombia at the La Loma was robbed last month and it shocked the local residents. The community expressed their rejection to this criminal act. Although there was a relief that the Golden Nicca was recovered, the members of the Rising Voices grantee Hiperbarrio wondered why this happened.