December, 2009

Stories from December, 2009

Hip-Hop as Cosmpolitan Citizen Media

  29 December 2009

Seeking greater social inclusion through new communication technologies is a strategy with a long and accomplished history that has persisted through waves of new inventions including the telegraph, radio, television, satellite, and of course, the Internet. But has any "communication for social inclusion" project been as successful as hip-hop? Just ask the bloggers from Rising Voices citizen media projects.

Rising Voices Launches the Transparency and Technology Network

  28 December 2009

Next month Rising Voices will launch a new initiative, the Transparency and Technology Network. This is a three-month, participatory research mapping to gain a better understanding of the current state of online technology projects that increase transparency, government accountability, and civic engagement in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, China, and Central & Eastern Europe.

FOKO: The BOMBS have arrived

  22 December 2009

FOKO Madagascar has announced the Best Of Malagasy Blogs (BOMBS) awards to introduce more bloggers to the global conversation and show the world the diversity of Malagasy culture. In other news JADE Madagascar and FOKO Madagascar have organized a VIDEO Conference in Tamatave to discuss about what is happening the in the Copenhagen COP 15 conference.

Blogging the Dream: From Dream to Reality

  17 December 2009

For over a year, the Orizonturi Foundation’s “Blogging the Dream” project has been laying the groundwork for a collaborative blog written by their mental health service users. A few months ago the blog became a reality and has since explored various aspects of mental health in Romania.

Interview with Ghaida'a Al Absi

  11 December 2009

Ghaida'a al-Absi is the leader of Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques in Yemen, which provides digital media training courses to Yemeni women activists.

Drop-in Center: How Rehab should Work

  7 December 2009

Pavel Kutsev, the leader of Drop-in Center, a non-profit organization dealing with issues of people living with drug addiction, recently shared his opinion about the effectiveness of work of drug addiction rehabilitation centers. He offers some specific suggestions to curb corruption and encourage sustainability and self-sufficiency for rehab clinics.

Voces Bolivianas: Bolivian Election 2.0

  6 December 2009

As the Bolivian voters go for polls for a general election today (6 December 2009), a number of Bolivian netizens are using Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, flickr, youtube, twitter and facebook to share other perspectives of the election. Members of Voces Bolivianas, the Rising Voices grantee from El Alto, Bolivia, are also taking part.

HiperBarrio Maps San Javier La Loma with Open Street Maps

  5 December 2009

Led by two passionate open source enthusiasts, Fredy Rivera and Elkin Botero, the members of the HiperBarrio collective of youth citizen journalists in Medellín, Colombia have created the first freely accessible online map of their own community.