March, 2010

Stories from March, 2010

Nomad Green: Air Pollution In Winter In Mongolia

  26 March 2010

Mongolians are having a tough winter this year and the air pollution from the heating stoves and coal burnings in factories is causing more problems. The citizen journalists from Nomad Green project are highlighting the degradation of environment in Mongolia.

Featured Blogger: Edgar Andres Yana Lisme

  24 March 2010

“I want to make my province known” asserts blogger Edgar Andres Yana Lisme, who lives in Chaguaya village in the Camacho province of Bolivia. In January 2008 Edgar joined a blog outreach workshop organized by the Rising Voices grantee Voces Bolivianas. He does not have internet or mobile signal in his village on the Altiplano. But he travels to El alto (about 2 hours away from home) to upload content to his blog, his twitter account, his Facebook account and his Flickr account.

Ceasefire Liberia: Reporting The Lofa Crisis

  15 March 2010

Liberia has recently seen some more violence as one young girl was killed and 4 more were killed in retaliation in the Lofa county situated in North of Liberia. Violence erupted and Churches and mosques have been burnt. Amidst the confusing mainstream media reports, the citizen journalists of Ceasefire Liberia are doing a great job in reporting the crisis.

REPACTED: Mr. And Mrs. Red Ribbon Pageant And Prison Outreach

  12 March 2010

Last November the Mr. and Miss red ribbon pageant was held in Nakuru, Kenya in an effort to eradicate stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. REPACTED is working towards bringing the 35 models into blogging in a bid to introduce more positive bloggers in the blogosphere. REPACTED also organized outreach activities in Nakuru GK Prison.

Featured Blogger: Getutza

  8 March 2010

Getutza admits that she is a timid person. However, she has discovered that blogging has helped her overcome this shyness thanks to her participation in the Blogging the Dream project from the Orizonturi Foundation in Campulung Moldovenesc in Romania. Ever since she started her blog Singuratate, she has found an outlet to express her thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

FOKO: The Power Of Storytelling

  7 March 2010

Internet is becoming a threat to the authoritarian regime in Madagascar because citizen journalists are voicing their opinions and publishing what they see or hear. The power of storytelling of FOKO members contribute largely to that phenomenon. Lova Rakotomalala evaluates the developments of the project.