June, 2010

Stories from June, 2010

HiperBarrio: Ituango Without Electricity

  25 June 2010

The bustling life of Ituango in Antiqua, Colombia, was put to a halt because of lengthy power cuts. The citizen journalists of HiperBarrio Ituango explains how it has affected the society.

Egypt: Who is and is not Producing Citizen Media?

  18 June 2010

Who is producing citizen media in Egypt? And who is not? This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the current state of citizen media in Egypt, as the three newest Rising Voices grantees in Egypt begin preparations for their work.

Blogging Since Infancy: Blogging Workshops In The Schools

  17 June 2010

After the implementation of the Ceibal project all of the schoolchildren and primary teachers in Uruguay have now their own laptop. With the help of a Rising Voices micro-grant, several awards for winners were given at a national blogging competition for the OLPC laptop carrying students. Some of the awards included special courses on educational use of blogs, video editing and other skills. The first workshops in several schools are underway.

The HiperBarrio Experience Multiplies by Three

  14 June 2010

HiperBarrio, a Rising Voices project from Colombia, has recently expanded its influence to three other groups, creating new bloggers that will tell stories from their community both collectively and individually. In a guest post by Lully Posada of HiperBarrio (translated by Silvia Viñas) we learn about these communities.

Ceasefire Liberia: New Milestones

  5 June 2010

Ceasefire Liberia project turned one year old recently and had reached new milestones. "We have formed partnerships with other fantastic organizations, we’ve been profiled a number of times in the media, we have raised friends, recruited bloggers and even were in Santiago, Chile earlier this month for the Global Voices Citizen Media summit," informs Ruthie Ackerman, the project leader.