March, 2011

Stories from March, 2011

EWAMT: Women In Protest

  26 March 2011

The recent wave of uprisings in the Middle East And North Africa has also hit Yemen. In January this year thousands of Yemenis started demonstrating in the capital Sanaa and elsewhere demanding resignation of president Ali Abdulla Saleh, who has been in power for more than 30 years. The notable thing is that more and more women protesters have joined the demonstrations. Bloggers of the Rising Voices grantee in Yemen also share their experiences.

Update on Rising Voices Microgrant Selection Process

  22 March 2011

Rising Voices would like to provide an update on the selection process for the latest round of microgrant funding for citizen media outreach projects. We have selected the finalists and they have already been contacted for an interview. We will choose the grantees from among these finalists and hope to make the announcement by the last week of March.

Ukraine: Personal Story of a Methadone Therapy Patient

  21 March 2011

Journalist and blogger Larysa Goreslavets tells the story of Olga, a patient at a substitution therapy program in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug and how she managed to turn her life around. Goreslavets has been updating these stories on the blog Zapitay.

HiperBarrio: Celebrating International Women's Day

  11 March 2011

In Colombia, the celebration of International Woman's Day has become a tradition and the members from Rising Voices Hiperbarrio have also joined the celebration. In a guest post Lully Posada from Hiperbarrio shares the conversations.

Egypt: Looking Back at the #Jan25 Revolution

  7 March 2011

RV has held a special relationship with Egypt because of the three grantee projects that we have been supporting. For those of us who have gotten to know those individuals associated with the projects, the information, thoughts, experiences, and feelings expressed by them helped make their revolution much more personal. Here we'll take a look at some of the content created during those historic weeks.

Ukraine: Harm Reduction Activists Disturbed by Police Actions

  3 March 2011

In a recent interview, the Ukrainian interior minister called for increasing control over substitution therapy. According to the blog reports of various harm reduction activists, police started to pay special attention to the Methadone sites in various regions of the country. The bloggers report on their and others' experiences with the police attention.