May, 2011

Stories from May, 2011

Ségou Villages Connection: Mobile Internet Connecting People

  24 May 2011

Ségou Villages Connection, the Rising Voices grantee from Mali has a simple objective, linking the residents of rural villages and the larger cities of Mali using mobile phones and internet. Boukary's task is to train residents of the Ségou villages how to use their mobile phones to send news about the communities to the residents living in the capital Bamako.

Ukraine: Blogging to Find New Self-Identification

  16 May 2011

The process of returning to normal life from a life of an injection drug user requires not only changes in a lifestyle, but also changes on a psychological level. Blogging could be one of the tools in helping to one to look inward and to discuss the concerns with like-minded people, as bloggers from the Association of the Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine demonstrate.

Blind Dates: Meet Blogger Stefanos Tokatlidis

  15 May 2011

Current blogger Stefanos Tokatlidis will play an important role in the implementation of the RV grantee project Blind Dates in Northern Greece. Not only is Stefanos an experienced blogger, who uses a screen reader to publish to his blog, but will help lead the workshops and be a positive resource for his fellow blind students.

Introduction to the Blind Dates Project in Thessaloniki

  9 May 2011

The new Rising Voices grantee "Blind Dates" in Thessaloniki will help provide the opportunity for the participants to speak up for themselves, and help others better understand about the daily challenges, as well as the successes, that the blind community faces in Northern Greece.

Case Study: Featured Contents From Kibera News Network

  7 May 2011

Kibera is a division of Kenya and a province and neighborhood of the city of Nairobi. It is the largest slum in Nairobi, with a population of 170,070 (as per 2009 census). Map Kibera and Kibera Community Development Agenda (KCODA) started Kibera News Network, an online “TV channel” for local stories and news about Kibera. The contents are generated by a community of young video journalists who vows to portray the other side of the Kibera.

Case Study: Mapping and Hearing the Voice of Kibera

  7 May 2011

This continues the series posts featuring projects engaging with underrepresented communities through citizen media training workshops. This post takes a look at the Map Kibera project in Kenya with an interview with its co-founders, Erica Hagen and Mikel Maron.