June, 2011

Stories from June, 2011

Ségou Villages Connection: On An Outreach Tour To Villages In Mali

  25 June 2011

On the 18th of June, six members of the Ségou villages connection project hopped on in a very old mammywagon towards Dioro and its surrounding villages situated 70 kms away from the town of Ségou. The team carried a solar panel, a battery, two computers, four USB Internet connection keys, some digital cameras and a lot of luggage for the eight day long tour. The participants of the Dioro Village were taught to create email accounts and how to write stories, how to take picture and videos and how to publish posts on blogs. They were also trained how to send sms and Twitter. Read reactions of some of the participants in this feature.

Guinea-Bissau: Introduction to Youth Voices of Bandim and Enterramento

  24 June 2011

One of the newest Rising Voices grantee projects "Youth Voices of Bandim and Enterramento" based in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau is providing leadership opportunities for the youth organizers, who will be working with children in two local neighborhoods of the capital city teaching them how to use digital media tools as way to showcase life in their communities.

Case Study: An Interview with Wycliffe Sande

  12 June 2011

Rising Voices continues its look at the projects of the Map Kibera Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. This post features an interview with Wycliffe Sande, who is the coordinator of the Voice of Kibera and one of the members of the Kibera News Network. He talks about how he started with the project, and how it has made a difference in the community.

Transparent Chennai: Maps Helping Fishermen Claim Their Rights

  5 June 2011

Transparent Chennai, an initiative of The Center for Development Finance, has been aggregating, collecting, and displaying data for public interest use about the Indian city of Chennai. With the help of a Rising Voices Microgrant, Transparent Chennai will add new elements to their existing work by focusing on directly engaging two fishing villages in South Chennai. This participatory mapping initiative will help the fishermen identify and claim their rights.

Ukraine: Teaching Blogging to Harm Reduction Groups

  1 June 2011

In an email interview, Anastasia Bezverkha talks about her experience teaching advocacy skills with harm reduction groups part of the All-Ukrainian Association of Substitution Therapy Advocates (ASTAU), and how teaching the use of citizen media tools can benefit these groups in telling their stories.