July, 2011

Stories from July, 2011

Languages: Tweeting in Chichewa in Southern Africa

  27 July 2011

The Indigenous Tweets project recently interviewed Edmond Kachale, a software developer based in Malawi, who has been active in promoting the use of the Southern African language Chichewa through digital tools. Edmond is also an active Twitterer and provides updates using this Bantu language.

[Video] Interview with Jamila Venturini of Friends of Januária

  26 July 2011

Jamila Venturini, a Brazilian multimedia journalist, is one of the coordinators of the Rising Voices grantee project Friends of Januária, which will engage young people of the town showing them how to use citizen media to become better informed and monitor the work of the local municipal government.

Ségou Villages: Solidarity Within the Community

  26 July 2011

The new bloggers from the Ségou Villages Connection project in Mali have been writing about solidarity amongst the residents of the rural communities. These signs of solidarity can be seen during times of celebration, as well as near tragedies. It is this solidarity that led the coordinator to start this project.

[Podcast] Update from Transparent Chennai

  22 July 2011

We recently spoke with Siddharth Hande from the Rising Voices grantee project Transparent Chennai in India. In this podcast, Sid describes how he started working with the fishing villages and his special interest in mapping activities. He also provides additional information about future activities in these communities.

Join Us for a Discussion on Mobile Phones for Citizen Media

  21 July 2011

Rising Voices will be participating as part of an online discussion to be held July 27 - August 2, 2011 hosted by the New Tactics for Human Rights platform. The discussion will focus on "Using Mobile Phones for Citizen Media," and we'll focus our participation on the work by our grantee Ségou Villages Connection in Mali.

Ukraine: Advice for Friends and Families of Addicts

  21 July 2011

The Rising Voices grantee the Drop-In Center has been providing an online newsletter for clients and their families, and the latest issue provides special words of advice for friends and families on what to do when a loved one becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Twitter to Promote and Preserve Underrepresented Languages

  18 July 2011

The project Indigenous Tweets started by Kevin Scannell has been tracking and highlighting Twitter accounts that have been using the microblogging platform to promote and preserve underrepresented language communities. Currently the project is tracking more than a hundred different language groups.

Ukraine: Tackling the Issue of Hepatitis C

  6 July 2011

Igor Kuzmenko, an activist with the Association of Substitution Therapy Advocates in Ukraine, recently blogged about a workshop held in Estonia, where he learned about the issue of Hepatitis C in the country, and suggests the steps the people living with drug addiction could undertake to fight the virus.

Ségou Villages: Words of Advice During Storms

  5 July 2011

The RV project Ségou Villages Connection succeeded in creating a radio station using only an MP3 player and memory cards. Oumar Dembélé, one of the newest bloggers of the project writes updates on two tragedies in the Ségou villages, and provides words of advice on how to avoid future incidents.

Guinea-Bissau: Featured on Global Voices Podcast

  5 July 2011

The Rising Voices grantee project "Youth Voices of Bandim and Enterramento" was recently featured in the newest episode of the Global Voices podcast. Listen to hear some of the sounds of the Manjuandadi group, a women's singing group in the capital city of Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau: International Day of the African Child

  1 July 2011

The Rising Voices grantee project "Youth Voices of Bandim and Enterramento" recently celebrated the International Day of the African Child on June 16th in Bissau with film screenings, lectures, debates, music, drama, and traditional dances all focusing on the rights of children.