August, 2012

Stories from August, 2012

Languages: Translating Health Content Without Borders

  30 August 2012

A recently study showed that 63% of African translators believed greater access to translated information could have saved the life of a friend or family member. Translators Without Borders has been working to amplify essential health-related content into minority languages around the world. Rising Voices recently spoke with its co-founder Lori Thicke to learn about some of their recent projects.

Mathare: Slum River Pollution Puts Lives at Risk

  28 August 2012

Continuing the series of posts about Global Voices' visit to our partner organization Map Mathare, Liana Aghajanian and Christian Bwaya, write about some of the challenges and solutions for proper sewage and sanitation in the Mathare slum in Nairobi,

Languages: A Video Library for Successor Pipil Generation

  27 August 2012

Only approximately 2.5-10% of El Salvador's population is of indigenous descent. The Pipil or Nahuat language is critically endangered with only about 200 speakers remaining. A language activist named Carlos Cortez is working to create a video library to help develop a new generation of young speakers to build a bridge with the older group of speakers so that they can become "the successor generation."

Blogging Positively: Turning the Tide at AIDS 2012

  27 August 2012

The global AIDS community recently met in Washington, DC on July 22-27, 2012 for AIDS 2012: Turning the Tide Together, with a clearer sense that the end of the AIDS epidemic is possible. Maureen Agena from Uganda recently represented RV at the Conference to cover some of the people and projects using citizen media for a positive impact related to this pressing health issue.

Kibera: A Lesson to Replicate

  3 August 2012

This post is part of a series of reports from Global Voices' collaboration with Map Kibera and Map Mathare that took place during the Global Voices Summit in Nairobi in July 2012. Story and photos by: Laura Schneider.

Languages: The First Digital Sounds of Mam

  2 August 2012

In Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, languages such as K'iche' and Mam continue to play a central role in rural daily life. The importance of maintaining these indigenous languages has been recognized by the Riecken Libraries, which has been implementing the RV grantee project Xela Civic Libraries. Members of the project have been involved in activities design to revitalize the Mam language including beginning to use audio recordings.

Mathare: Youth Blogging for Change in their Community

  1 August 2012

Continuing the series of posts about Global Voices' visit to our partner organization Map Mathare, Ylenia Gostoli, Saffah Faroog and Yvonne Tiany take a look at some of the issues identified by the mapping team, as well as the solutions taking place in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya.