August, 2013

Stories from August, 2013

Story-Making Machines: Audioboo

  26 August 2013

Rising Voices republishes an interview conducted by, who spoke with Cynthia Francis, US Managing Director of Audioboo, a social, sharing, sound storing and creation site, which has helped tell millions of digital stories every month.

24 Hours to Hack for Mexico

  19 August 2013

FreedomHack, a 24-hour hackathon taking place in Washington DC, tried to tackle some of the problems facing Mexico's journalists. Coming up with new, simple ideas, to help journalists to stay secure and to get their stories out, the apps will be taken to Mexico for testing on the ground.

Soap Operas for Cultural Preservation: Mexico's First Indigenous Telenovela

  16 August 2013

A new telenovela debuts in Mexico - and for the first time, in an indigenous language. Baktún tells the story of Jacinto, a young Maya man who must face the problems of immigration and while holding on to his roots. It's also debuting on Youtube and thus accessible by mobile phone, reflecting the ways local access to media is changing.

A Journey Towards Social Entrepreneurship

  15 August 2013

Kofi Yeboah is a blogger who often writes for Global Voices. Recently he attended a summer course for young innovators at the Amani Institute, and wrote to us about his experiences and about the influence of training programs like this.

MediaShala: Data visualization in India

  13 August 2013

Meaning ‘Abode of Media’ in Sanskrit, MediaShala tries to make complex data simple and understandable by balancing it with aesthetics, a mix of design and engineering coming out of India. Originally published on the Social Tech Census.

Tell your Story Through StoryMaker and Win €1,000

  9 August 2013

Use the StoryMaker App to tell your story and compete for €1,000. All stories uploaded on are automatically in the race for the prize. Free Press Unlimited is looking for the best story which would have remained untold without mobile storytelling.

Podcasting Democratic Change in Bhutan

  9 August 2013

How can we learn more about the process of democratic transition through the eyes of a small Himalayan nation? One of RV's micograntees this year, The Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, is leading a project to document the stories of this nascent transition with podcasts.