September, 2013

Stories from September, 2013

Wikimonuments: Cultural Heritage, Your Choice!

  25 September 2013

What would you identify as your local monument? Wikimedia Commons' annual photo competition WikiLovesMonuments has come up with some surprising answers and some incredible pictures, allowing community members to identify and share online what - to them - is really monumental.

Chicas Poderosas In Bogotá: Inspiring Change in the Newsroom

  24 September 2013

Chicas Poderosas, an organization founded by Mariana Santos to inspire innovation in the newsroom via technology, hosted its third event in Bogotá, Colombia from September 11-13. The three-day meetup culminated in a Hackathon led by Mozilla and featured lectures on content creation, data visualization, and much more.

Contest: Help Us Re-name the Roundup!

  23 September 2013

Help us re-name the Rising Voices Roundup - we need a name for this newsletter that better reflects Rising Voices and the creativity of our community! And there will be prizes...

Aboriginal Australians Create Online Hand Sign Dictionary

  19 September 2013

Iltyem-Iltyem, meaning "signaling with hands" in the Anmatyerr language, is a women-led project collecting hundreds of videos from four Aboriginal communities, documenting sign language which has been used for generations to communicate across distances, when someone else is talking, or in secret.

Mapping for Niger

  17 September 2013

The Mapping for Niger project is one of this year's micrograntees working with geography students in Niamey, Niger, to map and document public resources with Open Street Map. Despite monsoons, electricity outages, and holidays, the project is excited to be getting off the ground.

Rising Voices Roundup: Aug 29 – Sept 16

  16 September 2013

The Rising Voices Roundup is out - our biweekly newsletter filled with citizen media news, opportunities, and other resources that can help encourage more voices to join the global conversation.

First Training with Dizha Kieru Radio Team

  13 September 2013

A town with its own cellular network: Dizha Kieru, one of this year's micrograntees, held a training session about how to best use this new technology, an SMS system allowing radio team members to send out news and text messages directly to inhabitants' phones in the village at no cost.

Story-Making Machines: Zeega

  10 September 2013

Rising Voices republishes an interview conducted by, who spoke with Kara Oehler, co-founder of Zeega, a new form of interactive media, enabling anyone to tell stories by combining media from the cloud, curating, remixing, and sharing it with the world.

Zapoteco Community Launches Autonomous Cellular Network

  3 September 2013

A rural indigenous village in the mountains of Oaxaca teams up with the NGO Rhizomatica to form the first autonomous, community-run cellular network in the world. The project, Dizha Kieru, is one of this year's Rising Voices micrograntees.