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REPACTED: Use Contraceptives, Stop The Stigma

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Rising Voices grantee REPACTED [1] looks back at the achievements in the year 2008 [2]:

With the grant from the Staying Alive Foundation and the Raising Global Voices, we did up to 16 magnet theatre outreaches in a month, weekly skills demonstration forums, two youth symposiums and two youth events, Along the year 2008 REPACTED managed to train 30 change agents and five youth leaders on leadership, peer education and the use of digital media-photography, video shooting, blogging and most current encouraging positive bloggers from the community. The organization through collaborative efforts managed to effectively and consistently reach out to 10,000 young people, distributed 30,000 male condoms.

red ribbon

Mr. and Miss Red Ribbon is a charity event organized annually by Nakuru Youth groups including REPACTED. MCCJEX writes [3]:

Its a major build up activity towards World Aids Day. The event aims at eradicating stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.


The REPACTED project blog posted details [4] on the event including pictures.

HIV Positive blogger Maureen was one of the contestants and she shares her experience [5]:

I have been contesting since 2006 and have been enjoying every moment of the event because of one thing, effective reduction of stigma and discrimination. Mr. and Miss Red Ribbon brings together both affected and infected to celebrate beauty in a unique way. During the event audience appreciate beauty by seeing models but not the affected or the infected.

MCCJEX writes [6] about his long journey to REPACTED. He also mentions [7]:

Sex in school is high that now-a-days its more played than any other games in the field. Youths between 7 to 20 years know it better than any other person.[…] No single girl or boy is found without relationship. Towards this, I think condom should be distributed in schools.

Mshale also discusses [8] about the issue of condoms in schools:

Condom in school is so tricky but will help greatly a lot of young men and girls, (who) will stand a strong chance of achieving their dreams.

Collins Otieno Sailas thinks [9] that the use of condom in schools will reduce HIV/AIDS and other diseases such as STI.

Mshale shares a tragic event [10]. He lost her aunt who committed suicide because she was HIV positive. He pleaded “let us stop stigma.”

Elster writes [11] on the methods of contraception:

Newspaper reports and television have all been making headlines on the overpopulation in the Obama's home country. After a long pregnant silent I have decided to pass the little information that i have to anyone who might be interested in knowing the contraception methods.