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Getutza admits that she is a timid person. However, she has discovered that blogging has helped her overcome this shyness thanks to her participation in the Blogging the Dream project from the Orizonturi Foundation in Campulung Moldovenesc in Romania. Ever since she started her blog Singuratate [ro], she has found an outlet to express her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In a recent interview with Rising Voices, Getutza said:



For me, the blog is an easier mode to communicate with people. My shyness sometimes prevents me from being able to say things with animation. When I post on the blog, it’s only me and the computer. A minimal audience! Yet, a big opportunity to make my thoughts, opinions, ideas, passions, joys and problems known; and allowing me to become closer to people more easily.

After retiring as a lab assistant, Getutza's involvement with the Foundation's activities started with her participation in a literary group, and later when she took part in a course for “Training Volunteers in Mental Health Advocacy.” With these two activities, she became “more involved in the life of the organization, and this aspect improved my life.” This increased confidence led her to accept the invitation to participate in the Blogging the Dream project, which introduced her to the world of blogging and all of its possibilities.

However, Getutza admits that it was not so simple at the beginning.

When I started, I didn’t have the slightest idea how computers worked. Being invited to participate in the project was a challenge for me. I learned basic computer concepts, navigating the internet, using social networks.

She soon became more comfortable around the keyboard and started to post her first articles. She also enjoyed the company of her fellow new bloggers, “I come to blogging club with pleasure, with joy of meeting friends, to “discover” the secrets and benefits of the virtual world.”

Riding horses in Lucina

Riding horses in Lucina

One of her favorite subjects to date has been her recent travels to surrounding areas in Romania. One of these trips was to a nearby Orthodox monastery [ro], and a trip to Lucina where she was able to visit the stables and ride horses [ro].

She explains why travel is so important to her:

I chose to write about these trips because I like to travel. On excursions, people feel more free, more happy and are less inhibited. I wrote about excursions because I also feel “closer to people” when I travel. Excursions give you the privilege to see well-known places and new places, to discover wonderful corners of our beautiful country. I’m glad to be together with old friends and to make new friends, amongst both the adults and children who came with us on the trip.

One subject that she hopes to write more about is her true “passion” which is baking. In this post [ro], she posts a photo of the traditional baked goods that she made for Easter.

Baked goods during Easter

Baked goods during Easter

Even though Getutza describes herself as shy, she is very open about discussing her feelings. The name of her blog translated into English means “Loneliness.” She describes why she decided to title her blog in this manner:

I gave this name because loneliness is the most profound feeling in which I have. I’m convinced that there are many people in the world with this feeling, people who live alone, isolated, without friends, without people nearby to open a door or to say an encouraging word. Through the title I wanted to suggest all of this. I think that whoever understands the meaning of this title and shares the same feeling will connect with me; so we can eliminate loneliness from our lives.

She hopes to continue to blog so that she can find connections with others who may share her experiences, and let them know that they are not alone.

It’s hard to keep inside your concerns, thoughts, fears, joys and even enthusiasm. And when I manage to get this all out, I feel more free.

Special thanks to Gabriela Tanasan for transcribing the interview and to Betsy Rowley for translating the interview

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