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[Video] Interview with Olzod Boum-Yalagch of Nomad Green

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Olzod Boum-Yalagch is an official advisor of Nomad Green [1], the Mongolian citizen journalism project based in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar [2]. In this video, Mr. Boum talks about how citizen journalism can help raise awareness and eventually lead to solutions for the environmental damage taking place in the country. For the past two years, the diverse team of citizen journalists [3] has been writing about some of these pressing issues from everything from disappearing lakes [4] to the stress on the land caused by over-grazing by goats [5].

Mongolia is a country known for its nomads who have roamed the vast landscape for thousands of years. Mr. Boum hopes that one day these families can also take part in this participatory information exchange where they can tell about their traditional lifestyle and many of the hardships that they face, especially those that are being caused by environmental damage.