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HiperBarrio: Balloon Mapping La Loma Neighborhood

Categories: Feature, Hiper-Barrio

Rising Voices grantee alumnus HiperBarrio [1] based in Medellín, Colombia continues its participatory media work in the neighborhood of La Loma. To build upon their previous work mapping their community with Open Street Maps [2], the ConVerGentes team decided to explore the world of balloon mapping [3]. Together with Fredy Rivera [4], a local mapping enthusiast, several members of the team took part in this new experience, as a way to gain a different perspective of their local community. Gabriel Vanegas, coordinator of the project, wrote [3]:

Lo más divertido fue tomar las fotos aéreas y lo más delicado recuperarlas. Debemos reconocer que estas imágenes nos aportan para tener un mejor reconocimiento del territorio y aportar al ejercicio de mapeo en esto de hacer cartografía social.

The most fun was taking the aerial photographs and the most delicate was retrieving them. We should recognize that these images help us have a better understanding of the territory and contribute to the exercise of making social maps.

Here are some images of the day's activities. All photographs by HiperBarrio [5] and used under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.