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Blogging Positively: Tweeting World AIDS Day 2011

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The microblogging platform Twitter is seen as an instrumental tool for activists working in the field of HIV/AIDS to educate and to raise awareness about this global issue. In 2010, there were 34 million people living with HIV [1] with 2.7 million people newly infect with HIV, which shows that the fight is far from over. International organizations have recognized the importance of citizen media as a way to reach and connect like-minded people committed to combatting the spread of the disease.


Photo by Lammy831 and used under a Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

UNAIDS launched a global campaign called “Crowd Out AIDS [3]” as way to bring young people together to “Connect, Share, Find Solutions, and Participate in Collective Action.” The online component of the campaign centers around the hashtag #CrowdOutAIDS [4] and they invite young people to tweet how they want to become involved.

Now with the lead up to the annual observance of World AIDS Day that takes place every December 1, Twitter helps shine a spotlight on global efforts and activities taking place around the world. The hashtags #WAD11 [5]and #WorldAIDSDay [6] are already being used and will help provide a snapshot of what is taking place around the world on World AIDS Day.

The use of citizen media to connect people and to tell stories about this disease that affects millions of families around the world has been the foundation of the Rising Voices initiative “Blogging Positively [7].” Formed in 2008 by activists working in this field, the community helped create a guide [8] that provides tips and tutorials for global activists on ways to best utilize citizen media in their work. The guide is now available in five languages [8], with Arabic on the way.

Based on a spark from the Blogging Positively community, Rising Voices would like to invite global users to tweet about how World AIDS Day is being commemorated in your community. Please use the hashtag #BlogPos, as well as #WAD11 to help us locate the tweets. A selection of tweets from around the world will be featured on Rising Voices in the days following World AIDS Day. You can tweet in any language. Please remember to include the country from where you are tweeting to help us provide a global snapshot.

Some of your tweets may include information about:

  • How is your community commemorating World AIDS Day?
  • What are some of the ongoing issues related to HIV/AIDS facing your community?
  • What are you doing to help fight stigma or raise awareness in your community?
  • What role does citizen media play in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

We're looking forward to reading your tweets on this important day.