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Ukraine: Using Video in Promoting Harm Reduction Ideas

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Activists of the Association of Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine [1]film and post personal stories of the therapy patients to demonstrate how the opiate replacement therapy [2]could change the life of people living with a drug addiction [3]for better. Images tell more than worlds. The activists believe that real stories of real people who does not look at all like typical drug addicts would help to improve the public opinion towards the substitution therapy and convince opponents that the treatment has positive effect on lives of people living with a drug addiction.


Screenshot from the video

Substitution therapy helped 33 year old Eugene Selin from Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk [5]to change his life dramatically. For more then 15 years Eugene had been an injection drug user, but now he has a beautiful wife, a home and he successfully runs a small business.  Eugene believes that everything in his life has just started.

Click this link for the video with English subtiles [6].

The 44 year old patient Segey Tetiorkin lives in the Western part of Ukraine in the City of Ivano-Frankivsk [7]with his mother and daughter. In the video he very warmly talks about his relations with mother and how he makes sure that his daughter who is now a student of the music college does not repeat the mistakes he made in his life.

The stories was filmed and edited by the member of the association Igor Kuzmenko [8].