December, 2011

Stories from December, 2011

Blind Dates: The Sounds of Web Radio in Thessaloniki

  4 December 2011

Blind Dates Radio is a web radio station ran by members of the blind community in Thessaloniki. In addition to providing an opportunity to share their favorite music, the radio producers are able to interact with their listeners via a chat widget on their site. There are plans to add news programming in the form of recorded audio podcasts where they will discuss issues facing the blind community in Northern Greece.

Blogging Positively: Observing World AIDS Day Via Tweets

  4 December 2011

On December 1, 2011 Rising Voices invited global users to tweet about how World AIDS Day is being commemorated in different communities. Rising Voices recommended use of the hashtag #BlogPos and #WAD11 and encouraged tweets in any language mentioning the country. In this post we look at some of the Tweets on World Aids Day across the world.