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Video Contest: Everyday Digital Native

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The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS), India [1], and HIVOS [2] of the Netherlands are hosting the 2011 Digital AlterNatives [3] Video Contest as a part of the ‘Digital Natives with a Cause [4]’ project. The contest revolves around the theme “Everyday Digital Native” and asks participants to share stories on what makes their everyday life “digital”.

In this modern world we are using using digital devices and gadgets and thinking Digital everyday. We are living the Digital life by acting digitally – always clicking, linking, tagging and Liking. The contest is your chance to tell your story “What makes your life so click-worthy?”

The competition is open to everyone – professionals, amateurs – anyone in the world can apply. There is no upper or lower limit on age. (details here [3])


Click on image to enlarge poster.

The contest will progress through four main rounds. In the first stage, participants will send in their written abstracts by 26th January 2012, giving details of their video proposal and what inspired their story line. The proposals will be judged by a panel of jurists where 25 ideas will be shortlisted for the next round. The list will be voted by the public and top ten favorites will be chosen. Finally, the judges will pick the two best videos among the ten.

The Top 10 videos will receive a prize of EUR 500 each and will also get a chance to be part of a film screening at CIS premises in Bangalore. The two best video makers will receive loads of prizes.

Please submit your proposal via Online Application Form [6] by 26 January 2012.

Here is a video [7] produced by Harry McKillop Elementary School, Melissa, Texas, to show that today's digital natives are hungry for guidance and opportunity to experiment with all the new tools available.