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The Engine Room: Cataloging Social Advocacy Technology

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The engine room [1] is an organization dedicated to investigating supporting the effective use of technology in advocacy. It's mission is to enhance and complement existing support networks for the safe and effective deployment of new technologies in advocacy work.

The project was born out of a groundbreaking research effort which began [2] two weeks after the ouster of Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak. The research [3] revealed that there is a clear need among legal aides and activists for improved access to information, expertise and resources. It's motto is to support existing institutions and networks through coordination and instead of competing for resources, it believes in collaboration for achieving efficiency.

[4]The engine room is working with Oxfam Novib to catalog every organization, meetup, event and community that supports advocacy movements with technology questions. The project has this appeal to the readers [4]:

The engine room’s Social Tech Census launched this week with the goal of identifying and mapping every organization, project, event and community that provides technology support for social advocacy groups worldwide. Help make sure the Social Tech Census is as good as possible (and reflects your own experiences and work) by filling out a one page survey. We will be accepting new entries until May 1st.

Sharing the link to the survey — bit.ly/socialtechcensus [5] — to your personal networks is a simple, high impact way to support this effort.

If you know about such tools, organization, community etc. please take the survey first [6] and then kindly spread the word about it to your peers.