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Announcing the Official Wikimedia Commons App

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Rising Voices note: This article written by Maryana Pinchuk was originally published [1] on the Wikimedia blog [1] and re-published under a CC BY 3.0 license [2].

Love taking photos on your smartphone? Now you don’t need to wait to get home to upload your high quality educational photos to Wikimedia Commons [3], the free image repository used by Wikipedia and many other projects.

The official Wikimedia Commons app for iOS [4] and Android [5] allows you to quickly and easily upload your photos to Commons. You can also upload multiple files and add categories (Android only so far) and share your uploads through your favorite image sharing sites. Your contributions to Commons can help illustrate the world’s largest encyclopedia and make knowledge come to life for millions of readers around the globe.

Login screen on the Commons app for Android / The “my uploads” view on the Commons app for iOS.

Login screen on the Commons app for Android / The “my uploads” view on the Commons app for iOS.

In the future, we hope to add more features and make it easier to browse and discover all the great content Commons has to offer. We also look forward to being able to run more campaigns like Wiki Loves Monuments [6], encouraging expert Commons users and people new to Wikimedia projects alike to contribute to high-need content areas.

As always, we need your help and input to make these apps better. Take the apps for a test drive and let us know if you encounter bugs [7], or if you have great ideas for features we should add in the future.

And if you don’t have an iOS or Android device, don’t feel left out! Uploads to Commons for a wider selection of phones and browsers are supported on the mobile version of all Wikimedia projects [8].

Copyright notes: File:Wikimedia Commons Android App – Login Screen.png 01.png [9] by Yuvipanda [10], under CC-BY-SA 3.0 [11], from Wikimedia Commons, iOS contribs [12] by Brion Vibber [13], under CC-BY-SA 3.0 [11], from Wikimedia Commons