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“You are the Country!”

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Animated three-dimensional ants, birds, and warthogs usually aren't figureheads for being productive members of society… but, why not?


After the announcement of the results of the presidential election of 2007, Kenya was swept with a wave of ethnic violence [1] among its more than 70 ethnic groups [2]. The disputed results led to over 1000 deaths and more that 500,000 residents displaced.

“Kenya Ni Jina, Nchi Ni Wewe” – Kenya’s just a name, you are the country

This is the slogan of The Wazi Campaign [3], a public awareness campaign triggered by the violence of 2007/2008. Their main focus is to create and air Public Service Announcements on Kenyan television stations and online.

Using humor and entertaining 3D imagery to promote peace and good governance, they spread their videos through social media [4].

Their aims are reflected in their videos, encouraging people to choose leaders who have integrity (or in this case, forest animals!):

They encourage people (or… birds…) to work together against tribalism:

Their messages are positive and uplifting. Here is what they say about their most recent video [5] :

…it's about how we use our diversity to achieve the Kenyan dream! How we use our different views and customs to build one cohesive society! This video is about the Kenyan success story…

You can watch the rest of their videos on Youtube [6] and follow them on Twitter [7].