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[Video] How to Use the StoryMaker App

Categories: Learning and Opportunities, Storymaker, Tools, Tutorial, Video

Our friends at Small World News [1] recently put together a YouTube video showing a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the StoryMaker app [2] for digital storytelling.

This open-source app is a tool for journalists to create their own news reports using their Android [3] phone, as safely and securely as possible. In addition to training tutorials within the app, users can create their own video, photo, audio, or photo slideshow content for upload to the web. You can see a sample story created in the video below.

Rising Voices is participating in a number of trainings in the use of the app with journalists in four countries: Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia together with our local training center partners. You can read a report of one of the trainings held in conjunction with the the Independant Media Centre of Kurdistan [4] in Erbil in Kurdistan in the North of Iraq in April 2013.

You can download a BETA version [5] of the app at the Google Play store.