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First Training with Dizha Kieru Radio Team

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Dizha Kieru is one of this year's Rising Voices micrograntees – their work is detailed in another recent article [1] on the blog. This reflection on the first training session was written by the project organiser.

At the first training session, led by Maka Muñoz of Palabra Radio [2], the radio broadcasters from Dizha Kieru, the community FM radio station in Talea de Castro, had a chance to reflect on their work and think about how to amplify their work as community communicators now that the town administers its own GSM cellular telephone network. Rhizomatica [3] tech collaborators Ciaby and Tele developed a bulk SMS system which allows the radio team members to send out text messages directly to inhabitants’ phones in the village at no cost. The training session focused on how best to take advantage of this new technology and how to, for example, take headlines and shrink them down to 160 characters (length of standard SMS) without losing the gist of the content.

Here are some photos from the first training session:




Dizha Kieru [4] is one of this year's Rising Voices micrograntees. You can keep in touch with Rhizomatica on Twitter [5].