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Talking Dictionaries from Micronesia

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In July 2013, our friends at the Living Tongues Institute [1] organized another language revitalization workshop for endangered language activists from around Micronesia. This four-day workshop was similar to the workshop held in Santiago, Chile in January 2013 [2] for language activists from Latin America, in which Rising Voices took part. Similar to the Latin America workshop, a major focus of the gathering was the use of technology in language revitalization efforts, and one of the outputs was the creation of “Talking Dictionaries” [3] for each of the languages represented.

The workshop was hosted by Island Research Education Initiative (IREI) [4] and the FSM Special Education Service, Department of Education [5]. A full summary of the workshop [6] can be found on the Living Tongues’ blog.

The eight language communities and their representatives that took part:

The “Talking Dictionaries” can be found listed and displayed here [15], and one can hear the audio sounds of some of the lexical entries from these Micronesian languages [16].