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Mapping for Niger Profiles: Fatiman Alher

Categories: Case Studies, Interview, Introduction, Mapping for Niger, Micrograntees 2013

Rising Voices is pleased to introduce a few of the students from The Mapping for Niger [1] project, one of this year's micrograntees. Three of the students from the project introduced themselves to us via email; this is the first interview in the series.


Mahaman, Fatiman, and Abdousalam, students of the Mapping for Niger project.

I am Fatiman Alher, undergraduate student in geography at the University Abdou Moumouni in Niamey. I am a member of the Geography Student's Club, and also a member of the Mapping for Niger project; through this I have gained some experience with digital information networks, and also learnt how to put a project together.

This project has two parts: the mapping, and the digital social networking. The geography element of this project really interested me, as it allows me to take part in mapping the geography of my own area, as with this project I have had the chance to work on the ground with GPS technology; I use it to make a map – the main work of a geographer. It’s this [technical work] which encouraged me to participate in the project…

On our [project] blog, I’ve had the chance to write two articles. I also like to post photos… I think the most important thing we publish on this website with international exposure is that everyone can see the unemployment problems in Niger.

I write my articles in French, and with my friends I speak French, Zarma, Houassa, and sometimes English… but with my family I speak Tamascheq, my mother tongue.

The thing I really like about this project is the mapping. It really helps me to visualise information.

This interview was translated from its original French by Laura Morris.