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Opening New Frontiers for Radio Los Inestables

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Audio podcasting workshop with Radio Los Inestables

Audio podcasting workshop with Radio Los Inestables

The Rising Voices grantee project Radio Los Inestables [1] continues with its weekly series of workshops at the Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Córdoba, Argentina. For many of the participants, the workshop topics have been a source of introduction to many new topics related to the existing weekly live radio program. Now, the participants can play a larger role in producing audio content, as well as the operation of the radio equipment. In a recent email to Rising Voices, Sol del Carpio, one of the coordinators of the project wrote,

Los participantes de esta experiencia ya han logrado incorporar herramientas para el manejo básico de PC, han disfrutado de redes sociales, aprendieron a compartir sus spots de audio en distintos programas de internet, y ahora se encuentran aprendiendo a utilizar el equipamiento de la radio!

The project participants have already learned how to use tools for the basic use of the computer, how to use social networks, how to share their audio spots on various internet platforms, and how they are learning how to use the radio equipment!

The project also recorded this audio podcast collecting the thoughts of project participants, who share what the experience of the workshop has meant to them. You can read the sub-titles of the audio: