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We Take the Internet With Us, Wherever We Go

Categories: Announcements, Feature, Tools

Only slightly bigger than a hardcover book, a satellite broadband terminal makes it possible to take the internet on the road. And this is precisely what Rising Voices now can do! Our new Thuraya IP+ Terminal [1] gives us access to the internet wherever we do our work, regardless of the local internet connection – provided we are within the reach of Thuraya's satellites [2].

Thuraya is sponsoring Global Voices with the device and one year of free connectivity, especially for use by the Rising Voices community. The IP+ Terminal was presented to us [3] at Eurovision's annual News Xchange [4] conference in Marrakech, Morocco on November 15, 2013 in recognition of our groundbreaking work with online citizen media.

Internet connectivity is a problem in many of the communities we work in. With this device we will have a backup for many different situations. We'll also be able to take the internet to places that don't usually have it. It opens up a whole new set of possibilities for projects and teaching opportunities. So we'll be thinking of new ideas, as well as using it to support the work we already do.