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Bloggies Award Open for Nominations

Categories: Announcements, Feature, Learning and Opportunities, Social Media

The 2014 Bloggies awards [1]areWeblog avatar open for submissions until January 25th.

Categories for nominees are based on region (Asia, Africa, Europe, etc) as well as topics including Education, LGBT, Politics, Photography, etc plus such as “best writing of a blog”, “best community blog”, “best-kept secret” and “lifetime achievement”. You can also sign up to be one of the randomly selected voters who will choose the finalists…

A few rules:

The weblog winner, announced at the end of March, wins a rather nominal sum of 2,014 US cents and a bit of fun blogger fame.

You can follow the weblog awards twitter page @Bloggies [2] and facebook [3] to keep in touch.

Image taken from weblog's twitter page.