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[Arab Bloggers 14] Dina El Hawary of Meedan

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Another participant we spoke to at the Arab Bloggers Meeting recently held in Amman Jordan was Dina El Hawary from the organization Meedan [1]. One of the projects that she has been working with is Checkdesk, which is an initiative designed to promote collaborative verification for journalists and citizen journalists. [2] Here is a short video explaining how the platform works:

An important component of the Checkdesk project is the building of partnerships with local organizations and educational institutions [3], which have been hosting training opportunities in the use of the platform. In this short audio podcast interview, Dina gives an overview of the project and how they have been working with partners in the region in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan:

You can follow Dina on Twitter at @DinaHawary [4] and follow the project at @Checkdesk [5].