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[StoryMaker] Vesna Dolinšek of Lam Echaml in Tunisia

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Rising Voices took part in the StoryMaker Camp [1] held in Amman, Jordan in January 28-30, 2014. As a partner in the project, it was an opportunity to meet with key actors taking part in the development of the app and the implementation of the training and mentoring project.

This group also included the National Training Centers in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Iraq, which have been primarily responsible for the organizing of the various training events. In Tunisia, the trainings were organized by two organizations including Lam Echaml [2]. You can read one of their bulletins regarding the trainings in Tunis here [fr] [3].

At the StoryMaker Camp, we had the opportunity to speak with Vesna Dolinšek, a native of Slovenia, who was one of the two local project coordinators. In this podcast interview, she shares her thoughts on the StoryMaker Camp and about the valuable opportunity to meet the coordinators from the other countries. In addition, she recognizes that with every training the project has been improving taking away many tips and best practices learned during the Camp's discussions.