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Resources for Video Activism: Witness

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Witness [1] is a group that focuses on the use of video and storytelling for citizen media activists to share information on human rights abuses.

On March 28th, we host a #GVFace [2] with Bukeni Waruzi [3] and Matisse Bustos Hawkes [4] of Witness to talk about tips on using video for advocacy. Here are some of their tips sheets [5] and toolkits [6]for video activists:

> Toolkit on creating video for change [6], including what to think about before you start and how to make your plan. It is an interactive tool designed to help advocates to develop a strategic plan for using video in their campaign.


> Video series: an introduction to video advocacy [7]

> Ask yourself these 10 questions before you start filming [8]


> Filming with your mobile phone [9]

> Video series: How to film protests [10]

> Tip sheet for activists: Top 10 tips for conducting interviews [11] 

> Best practices list for filming human rights violations [12]

> Video series: Filming tips and techniques [13] to get the best result


> Safety considerations for your mobile device [14]

> Effective strategies to distribute your content [15]

> How to stream videos from your mobile phone [16]

> Creative Commons 101 [17] and Copyright 101 [18]

ALSO check out the key Verification Handbook [19] for free online.

Many of these resources are available in other languages [20]: Arabic, Swahili and (coming soon) Spanish.