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10 Essential Resources for Arabic-Speaking Activists

Categories: Digital Media, Feature, Learning and Opportunities

Back in February we published some information [1] about Tasharuk [2], a new resource database from SMEX [3]. Since then, they have increased their resources in both English and Arabic. Here are 10 resources available in Arabic that can help activists achieve their goals.  [4]

1. A Guide to Effective Non-Violent Struggle in English [5], Arabic [6], and Farsi [7] – published by Canvasopedia [8].

2. Guide to Safely and Securely Producing Media in English [9] and Arabic [10] – published by Small World News [11]. They also have some resources on SAT phones. [12]

3. Free Software and Open Source Philosophy in Arabic [13] – published by SourceForge

4. The Principles of Freedom on Expression and Digital Copyright in Arabic [14] by Article 19 [15] 

5. Guide to Strategic Communication for Civil Society Organisations in English [16] and Arabic [17] by USAID's Jordan Civil Society Program [18].

6. The Basics of Audio Recording in Arabic [19] by SMEX [20]

7. Training Manual for Citizen Journalists in Arabic [21] by for the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria [22]

8. What is A Creative Commons License, and How do You Use It? in Arabic [23], video by WeZank [24] 

9. How to Use Twitter for Social Change in Arabic [25], video by NewMediaKSU [26]

10. International Principles of on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance in English [27], Arabic [28], and more. A document explaining how international human rights law applies in the current digital environment.

Bonus: Stay tuned for the Open Data Handbook, an introduction to the legal, social and technical aspects of open data. In English [29] and with an ongoing translation into Arabic via Transifex [30].

Image: The Day We Fight Back Banner, [31] by Alex Perkins (CC-BY 4.0)