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Off to Burkina Faso! The Niger Team OpenStreetMaps their way to Ouagadougou

Categories: Digital Media, Learning and Opportunities, Mapping for Niger, Micrograntees 2013

In May, the Mapping for Niger [1] OpenStreetMap team – a 2013 Rising Voices micrograntee – made their way from Niamey to Ouagadougou for a gathering in Burkina Faso.  The workshop they attended was aimed at improving their technical capacities in the OpenStreetMap system. In addition to the OSM Burkina Faso team, they also met the OSM teams from Senegal and Togo. They say [FR]: [2]

… toutes les structures des pays participants ont présenté leurs activités au sein de leur projet, c’est partant de cette occasion que le projet Mapping For Niger a été vivement félicité des résultats auxquelles il est parvenu. Malgré la faiblesse des moyens logistiques dudit projet, le l’activisme et le dynamisme de ses membres les ont permis de battre un travail sérieux dans l’émission des données cartographique des horizons du Niger.

… all of the organisations of the participating companies presented their central activities, upon which the Mapping for Niger project was enthusastically congratulated on the results it has achieved thus far. Despite the limited technological means of the project, the activism and dynamism of its members has permitted the group to make serious strides forward in the creation of mapping data across the horizons of Niger.

Some photographs from their trip:    

10365954_274164649432289_6717969393991737815_n [3]

The Mapping for Niger team and others OSM members in Ouagadougou  


At the end of the workshop, the Niger team was presented with a computer from OpenStreetMap.

The team also made some friendly portraits of other OSM'ers they met at the meet-up:


“Hi! Alice Souka OSM Togo, I'm so pleased to meet friends from OSM Niger”



“Gauthier OSM Burkina Faso, we are together”

And their teachers:


All images republished from the Mapping for Niger Facebook page [4].