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Association for Progressive Communications · December, 2018

APC’s mission is to empower and support organisations, social movements and individuals in and through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to build strategic communities and initiatives for the purpose of making meaningful contributions to equitable human development, social justice, participatory political processes and environmental sustainability.

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Latest posts by Association for Progressive Communications from December, 2018

12 December 2018

Creating Ecuador's first community network in the aftermath of an earthquake

"Our network exists because we want it to exist; we build it, we maintain it, and we use it – and sometimes we break it... and we get frustrated about...

10 December 2018

Building community networks for rural First Nations communities in Canada

First Nations are leading community networking initiatives in Canada responding to persistent divides, demonstrating ways that communities drive infrastructure development while retaining ownership and control of networks and services.

7 December 2018

Community engagement in community networks in rural Zambia

This is the story of Macha Works, which evolved from a single satellite connection in a village shipping container, to a project that has resulted in community networks across Zambia.

5 December 2018

Community networks and local access monthly newsletter – number 12

The November 2018 newsletter is part of the project titled, “Local Access Networks: Can the unconnected connect themselves?” developed by APC in partnership with Internet Society and Rhizomática.

Ensuring local ownership for community networks in Pakistan

Unlike the traditional, “top-down” commercial approach, in a community network environment, deployment starts from the end-user or the “last mile”.