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Laura Morris · July, 2013

Rising Voices editor, radio features producer, photographer. Interests include storytelling, the politics behind photography, and terrariums. Originally from New York, she is currently based in Paris, France. Tweets @zigzagrailroad and on soundcloud as “midden productions”

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Latest posts by Laura Morris from July, 2013

Organizing Resources, Making Connections: The Social Tech Census

After analysing data from the 2011 Tahrir protests, a gap appeared between activists and the digital tools they need... the engine room's database became the Social Tech Census, a resource...

Introducing Chicas Poderosas: Women-driven Data Journalism in Latin America

Chicas Poderosas is a new project working to engage more women in the process of interactive data-based journalism in Latin America, building news content for the whole population, not just...

Projeto Nosotros: The Pursuit of Latinness

Meet Projeto Nosotros, a duo exploring Latin America's modern culturescape. While acknowledging the importance of roots and tradition, they take aim at contemporary arts produced by amazing new artists. Through...