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Ukraine: Blogging about Dreams

  27 April 2011

Following the training on the use of citizen media, Activists of the Association of Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine believe that blogging can be an important tool in advocating the rights of the patients, and also as an outlet to write about their personal hopes and dreams.

Ukraine: Harm Reduction Activists Improve Storytelling Skills

  17 April 2011

In March 2011, patients of substitution therapy programs took part in a training event ‘We are Media’ in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. The citizen media training taught the patients how to use blogs and digital storytelling to share their experiences with harm reduction programs.

Ukraine: Personal Story of a Methadone Therapy Patient

  21 March 2011

Journalist and blogger Larysa Goreslavets tells the story of Olga, a patient at a substitution therapy program in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug and how she managed to turn her life around. Goreslavets has been updating these stories on the blog Zapitay.

Ukraine: Harm Reduction Activists Disturbed by Police Actions

  3 March 2011

In a recent interview, the Ukrainian interior minister called for increasing control over substitution therapy. According to the blog reports of various harm reduction activists, police started to pay special attention to the Methadone sites in various regions of the country. The bloggers report on their and others' experiences with the police attention.

Ukraine: Helping Their Community Through Labor Therapy

  24 February 2011

Sergey Tetiorkin, an activist from the Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine shares a story on the organization's blog about how substitution therapy patients help their community through an initiative called labor therapy, and at the same time help themselves.

Drop-in Center: A Look Back at 2010 and Plans for the Future

  16 January 2011

The blog of Ukrainian organization of people living with drug addiction “Drop-in Center” was one of the first projects supported by Rising Voices. In this e-mail interview with its leader Pavel Kutsev, he talks about the accomplishments of the organization in 2010 and its plans for the future.

Drop-in Center: How Rehab should Work

  7 December 2009

Pavel Kutsev, the leader of Drop-in Center, a non-profit organization dealing with issues of people living with drug addiction, recently shared his opinion about the effectiveness of work of drug addiction rehabilitation centers. He offers some specific suggestions to curb corruption and encourage sustainability and self-sufficiency for rehab clinics.