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Blogging Since Infancy: Engaging the community to build new media applications for OLPC laptops

  24 June 2008

The OLPC (Hundred Dollar) laptops currently miss many applications to help students learn and participate in the classroom. The Plan Ceibal (Blogging Since Infancy) of Uruguay, a Rising Voices grantee arranged a programming “jam” to get local programmers involved in developing innovative applications for the OLPC laptops including new media tools like blogging. Learn more about it in this week's feature.

REPACTED: Young and ready to change the society

  19 June 2008

Kenyan youths face a low life expectancy because of extreme poverty, poor health care and an AIDS epidemic. Some of them are internally displaced and took refuge in camps after the post election violence. But with the help of REPACTED, a Rising Voices grantee they have found hope and are daring to make a change in the society. Learn how they are doing it in this week's feature.

Blogging for a social cause

  14 June 2008

Why do we blog? Because we want to express ourselves, to be heard, to learn about others, to augment networking, and most importantly to enhance a new social imagination, engage in social causes among other things. Emerging bloggers in two of the Rising Voices funded projects have done commendable jobs in taking personal initiatives to help others and promote the cause to a greater scale.