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Ceasefire Liberia: Thoughts On The 163rd Independence Day Of Liberia

  22 August 2010

Africa's oldest republic Liberia celebrated its 163rd Independence anniversary last month (July 26, 2010) and it is disheartening to see that after all these years Liberia is still is a developing country with all its challenges. The citizen journalists of Rising Voices grantee Ceasefire Liberia are doing their parts in addressing the problems Liberia is facing by providing news and information on the anomalies in the society and the government.

HiperBarrio: Campus Party Colombia And Pin Hole Photography

  15 August 2010

This year Hiperbarrio was invited for the Campus Party Colombia in Bogota and was told to do something different - to use the pin hole camera technique to record the activities of CampusBlog among others. Apparently the use of technology has created a sensation in the community. Hiperbarrio members also reflect about their experiences in the Campus party.

Abidjan Blog Camps: Théophile Kouamouo Has Been Released

  11 August 2010

The African blogosphere exploded with anger and concern when Théophile Kouamouo was arrested with his two colleagues of the Ivorian Daily Le Nouveau Courrier for refusing to name the source of a published report. Ivorian bloggers like Manasse Dehe used blog posts and Facebook groups to update latest information and spread the news to the world. The three journalists were freed on 26th of July after spending two-weeks in prison.

Nomad Green: More Workshops in Mörön, Khatgal and Ulaanbaatar

  5 August 2010

Nomad Green, the Rising Voices grantee in Mongolia, arranged workshops in the North Eastern Khövsgöl Province. The region is well-known for its natural beauty and Lake Khövsgöl is one of Mongolia's major tourist attractions. On 3rd of July the team came back to the capital Ulaanbaatar to conduct a special workshop for children which was organized by students of National Taiwan University.