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Somalia Speaks: Amplifying Unheard Somalian Voices

  24 January 2012

Somalia is one of those developing countries who end up in world media for all the wrong reasons: civil war, famine, drought, Somalian pirates are to name a few. With the help of an Ushahidi based platform “Somalia Speaks“, Al Jazeera English is aggregating unheard voices from inside Somalia via SMS. The responses are translated into English and plotted onto a map.

Video Contest: Everyday Digital Native

  18 January 2012

The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS), India, and HIVOS of the Netherlands are hosting the 2011 Digital AlterNatives Video Contest as a part of the ‘Digital Natives with a Cause’ project. The contest revolves around the theme “Everyday Digital Native” and asks participants to share stories on what makes their everyday life “digital”.

Language Tools: Virtual Keyboards & Transliteration

  15 January 2012

Imagine you write in a non-Latin based script and you are stuck in a foreign airport internet kiosk trying to figure out how to email in your language. Probably the PC you are using has a different set of keyboard other than qwerty and their is no multilingual support in the OS. There are some online tools which can come to your rescue.

Nomad Green: Concerns On Ulaanbaatar

  12 January 2012

The environmental citizen journalists of Nomad Green are voicing their opinions on issues surrounding the degrading environment in Mongolia. The articles are originally posted in Mongolian language and some of them are being translated in Chinese and English. In this roundup we check some of the recent updates on the Nomad Green Website.

REPACTED: Looking Back And Learning From The Past

  7 January 2012

The former Rising Voices grantee REPACTED trained displaced Kenyans (during the 2007 election violence) living in the camps how to tell their own stories online so that their ordeal is not forgotten. This year Kenya's next election will be held. REPACTED is now on a mission to make Kenyans learn from the past and not to repeat the same mistakes.

India: Crowdsourcing Traffic Violations On Facebook

  2 January 2012

India is one of the few countries in the world where its traffic police departments of many cities have joined social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and are encouraging posting of crowdsourced information on Traffic violations. Thousands of users are following these pages and many are contributing photos and videos of traffic violations, so that police can take action.