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Blogs4Aid: Campaign To Stop Violence Against Women In India

  27 February 2012

To address the growing number of violence against women in India, Shemeer Padinzjharedil (29), a construction engineer and former software developer, decided to act. He has built an Ushahidi based crowdsourced site titled where anyone can report violence against women. Maps4aid has started another campaign, Blogs4Aid to spread the reports collected by Maps4Aid and increase awareness.

Greencore: Highlighting Mongolian Voices On Environmental Degradation

  26 February 2012 is an NGO from Mongolia which conducted a survey in Matad soum of Dornod Aimag between April to October 2011. The project engaged local people who participated in filling out CRC (Citizen Report Cards) which contained 13 questions on how they think about the environmental degradation in this area. Their reports were primarily shared in their blog which is in Mongolian language.

The Tiziano Project: Helping Local Community Journalists Showcasing Their Stories

  20 February 2012

The Tiziano Project is a multimedia website and an outreach effort focusing on training citizen journalists in conflict, post conflict and underreported regions around the globe. It is currently creating a collaborative journalism platform to portray the stories of citizen journalists worldwide in a visually sophisticated way to have a greater impact on the viewers.

Digital Divide Data: Helping Build Human Capital From Disadvantaged Societies

  14 February 2012

Inspired by the IT outsourcing success of India Jeremy Hockenstein co-founded Digital Divide Data by establishing a Data Entry operation in Cambodia in 2001 focusing on youths from the poorest and most under-served segments of the population. DDD provides opportunities for orphans, rural migrants, and the disabled and thus is different than other business houses.