Sara Moreira

Sara lives in Porto, Portugal, where she freelances mostly as a web-developer, (data-)journalist and translator. From 2010 to 2014 she was Global Voices editor for Portuguese language countries. She has worked as a software engineer (her educational background), as a teacher and trainer in Mozambique and Timor-Leste and is – or has been – involved with several bottom-up collectives from Porto acting on solidarity economy, permaculture, feminism, transparency, open-data, post-digital media and community radio. She is passionate about collective action for social transformation.

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Latest posts by Sara Moreira

Mozambique: Workshop Ripple Effect in Maputo

  13 September 2012

A number of new blogs focusing on the arts, transparency, and everyday life have been created as a result of the Citizen Media and Free Culture workshops that took place in Maputo, Mozambique in July 2012. This is a summary of the blogging topics covered, as well as the reflections on the participants who are eager to continue to learn more.

Mozambique: What are the Remaining Untold Stories?

  5 September 2012

With the aim to encourage socially committed citizens to make better use of citizen media in the contemporary era through more conscious, critical, and independent ways, Global Voices' Mozambican partner@Verdade newspaper organized the “Citizen Media and Free Culture” workshop, as a way to trigger the construction of a freer, more united, and more participatory media culture.

Guinea-Bissau: International Day of the African Child

  1 July 2011

The Rising Voices grantee project "Youth Voices of Bandim and Enterramento" recently celebrated the International Day of the African Child on June 16th in Bissau with film screenings, lectures, debates, music, drama, and traditional dances all focusing on the rights of children.