Stories about Mapping for Niger

Celebrating a Project Well-Mapped

  18 February 2014

As the current phase of the Mapping for Niger project draws to an end, the Rising Voices micrograntee celebrated with a ceremony at the University of Niamey.

Mapping for Niger Profile: Ali Douka Mahaman

  21 November 2013

Meet one of the participants in the Mapping for Niger project, Mahaman, who has gone from an early life of odd jobs to a masters' student in geography, using Open Street Map to help document his local community. "Technology" says Mahaman, "allows us to instantly discover horizons which our imaginations had never thought possible."

Mapping for Niger Profile: Abdou Salam

  12 November 2013

Meet geography student Abdou Salam, one of the participants in the Mapping for Niger project. With the project, he's gone back to his hometown to map the major coordinates of the area and put them online with Open Street Map.

Mapping for Niger Profiles: Fatiman Alher

  8 November 2013

Meet one of the participants in the Mapping for Niger project, Fatiman, who has developed practical digital skills and applies these to her geography studies. The digital cartography, she says, helps her to learn about visualising information.

We're Around the World! Photos from the RV Micrograntees

  10 October 2013

The Rising Voices micrograntee winners from around the world have been documenting their projects as they progress. We chose some images from their flickr streams, Facebook pages, and websites, sharing the work they have been doing over the past few months.

Mapping for Niger

  17 September 2013

The Mapping for Niger project is one of this year's micrograntees working with geography students in Niamey, Niger, to map and document public resources with Open Street Map. Despite monsoons, electricity outages, and holidays, the project is excited to be getting off the ground.