Stories about FOKO

Rising Voices: 2010 In Review

  31 December 2010

2010 was an eventful year for Rising Voices and its community. The community bade farewell to the outgoing Director of Outreach, David Sasaki and welcomed the new Director Eduardo Ávila. In this post we look at some of the notable news of the grantees community we featured in the Rising Voices website in 2010.

FOKO: Referendum On Constitution And A Failed Coup

  27 November 2010

Madagascar is going through a turbulent time. A heavily disputed referendum on the new constitutional proposal was held on the 17th of November. The election process was marred by irregularities and it was also overshadowed by a failed coup attempt. Some bloggers of the Rising Voices grantee FOKO of Madagascar continued to share the news as it happened along with their opinions.

FOKO: Traditional Malagasy Fence

  31 October 2010

The bloggers of the rising Voices grantee in Madagascar FOKO love to write on issues surrounding them. In this roundup we learn about “Tamboho gasy” – the traditional Malagasy fence and many more.

Rising Voices Bloggers On Blog Action Day 2010

  15 October 2010

Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. The aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all. This year's theme is ‘water'. A few Rising Voices bloggers have also participated in this event.

Rising Voices And World Cup

  8 July 2010

People say that the World Cup soccer (football) is a truly International event. The bloggers of many Rising Voices projects across continents have written about it to show their passion.

Featured Blogger: Tahina Rakotomanarivo

  3 May 2010

Tahina Rakotomanarivo blogs from Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. In 2008 he attended a citizen media workshop organized by FOKO, the Rising Voices grantee in Madagascar, and his life changed. We caught up with Tahina in an email interview to learn more about him and his works.

FOKO: Can ICT Bring A Solution To Overcome Despair?

  23 April 2010

Madagascar is still undergoing political turmoils and closure of business. The consequence is that the economic conditions of a lot of Malagasy people worsened. Many had lost their jobs, and were forced out of their rental homes. The recent arrival of the optical fiber submarine cable (EASSY) in Madagascar unfurls lots of opportunities for the promotion of ICT. Can ICT bring a solution to overcome despair in Madagascar? FOKO bloggers discuss.

FOKO: The Power Of Storytelling

  7 March 2010

Internet is becoming a threat to the authoritarian regime in Madagascar because citizen journalists are voicing their opinions and publishing what they see or hear. The power of storytelling of FOKO members contribute largely to that phenomenon. Lova Rakotomalala evaluates the developments of the project.

FOKO: 50 Years Of Independence Of Madagascar

  25 January 2010

Madagascar is approaching 50 years of independence this year. To mark the progress of the country Patrick interviewed two elders from Madagascar on what Madagascar has become after 50 years of the independence.

FOKO: The BOMBS have arrived

  22 December 2009

FOKO Madagascar has announced the Best Of Malagasy Blogs (BOMBS) awards to introduce more bloggers to the global conversation and show the world the diversity of Malagasy culture. In other news JADE Madagascar and FOKO Madagascar have organized a VIDEO Conference in Tamatave to discuss about what is happening the in the Copenhagen COP 15 conference.

FOKO: Meet The Bloggers

  27 October 2009

Since January 2009 FOKO, the Rising Voices grantee from Madagascar, has been posting a series of interviews with its bloggers celebrating their first anniversary of blogging. Let us meet through these interviews some of the enthusiastic and brilliant Malagasy Bloggers who are driving the success of the FOKO blog Club.