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Stories about Rising Frames

“The term ‘indigenous’ is being represented from an institutional and State perspective”

"The term ‘indigenous’ is being represented [in the word cloud] from an institutional and State perspective, especially in electoral situations that assume democratic, inclusive, and participatory conditions."

“We also want our rights to be respected.”

"our rights, especially those of women have been violated by the big transnational corporations.."

“The risks of violence against women and feminicide legitimize machismo and stigmas about women in society”

"The slowness in the investigation and judgments of the cases demonstrate the absence of the State's willingness to work for gender, education and prevention that would benefit women's rights."

“The understanding of territory as an unresolved issue is not depicted”

"The ‘Huilliche’ branch of the Mapuche Nation has more concepts that should appear here, particularly the ones related to the return of the territory that has been usurped.."

“We need a representation that reflects a more autonomous development of Mapuche society”

"...we need a representation that reflects a more autonomous development of Mapuche society, which is not always contingent upon the relationship with the Chilean State."

“We ask for responsibility in the treatment of the news about feminicide”

"We ask for responsibility in the treatment of the news, which is more than just facts and figures. It is about a woman who suffered and died because of violence."

“We have local knowledge that our grandparents taught us.”

"Each indigenous people has its stories, legends, founding myths, and processes for community and of struggle."

“My community is still stigmatized..”

"The only way that we can find more narratives and media presence of trans people is by showing the lives of each one."

“Above all to treat the issue with humanity”

"The current reality shown by this word cloud for feminicide reflects the lack of awareness about the issue.."

“The survivors are not represented, as well as the indirect victims of feminicide”

"The media only sees us as sacks of flesh, as blood, and as victims of violence that offer no resistance to [feminicide]."

“The processes of resistance are not visible within the word cloud ‘criminalization’ of protest”

"Criminalization has been one way of denouncing repression, discrimination, and any form of physical, legal, and symbolic violence by the State on the population and other popular groups."

“The word ‘indigenous,’ is rather like an imposed word…”

"The word ‘indigenous,’ is rather like an imposed word, a word recognized as external and curiously also devoid of other signs of tension, crisis, and violence...'

“Communication can help raise awareness about our cause as the Mapuche Nation and People”

" I think the main words of the [Mapuche] people are ‘culture,’ ‘Newen,’ or land, ‘spiritual,’ ‘spirituality,’ ‘worldview,’ ‘society,’ as well as ‘autonomy,’ and ‘language’ since we are a Nation."