· May, 2009

Stories about Drop-In Center from May, 2009

A New Era of Human Rights Advocacy

  27 May 2009

Representatives from several Rising Voices projects took part in this month's "Soul of the New Machine" conference convened by the University of California at Berkeley's Human Rights Center. Their comments and their projects are indicative of a new era of human rights advocacy.

Drop-In Center: Will Controlling Meds Cause More Harm?

  27 May 2009

Drop-In Center continues to discuss the issues of people living with drug addictions. Recently, the organization's leader Pavel Kutsev reacted to the Ukrainian government's decision to tighten rules around the sale of medications that can be used by drug users to mitigate withdrawal.

Drop-In Center: Addressing the Health Needs of Drug Users

  13 May 2009

The organization Drop-In Center raises the issue of the specific health needs of people living with a drug addiction. With the existing system, it is difficult for people on substitution therapy programs to receive medical care associated with a hospital stay.

The Ukrainian TB Epidemic: Who Is At Fault?

  3 May 2009

Ukraine could significantly ease its tuberculosis epidemic if it better cooperated with international health aid organizations, according to posts on the Drop-In Center's site. Today, the Ukrainian government doesn't use all available opportunities to receive support from the international community to fight the TB epidemic.