· November, 2007

Stories about Hiper-Barrio from November, 2007

Innovative Tools: Live Bicycle Radio

  26 November 2007

Innovative tools in Colombia and Bangladesh are bringing internet access to communities that would otherwise be disconnected. We take a look at wi-max bicycles in Medellin and mobile phone internet kiosks in Bangladesh.

HiperBarrio: Changing Perceptions with Creativity

  19 November 2007

Rising Voices grantee, the HiperBarrio project, is a great example of how underrepresented communities are increasingly able to tell their stories to the world from distant and remote places. Their success lies in the use of new media tools like blogs, videoblogs, and photoblogs to enable communities to to portray their thoughts and creativity.

Latest from the Rising Voices Outreach Projects

  9 November 2007

In this update of the Rising Voices micro-grant projects we look at their progress including how the Bangladeshi female bloggers are providing a different view point and how the HiperBarrio project was represented at the Pop!Tech conference.