· May, 2008

Stories about Hiper-Barrio from May, 2008

Carmen Paniagua from HiperBarrio

  23 May 2008

Today's video features Carmen Paniagua, the lyrical poet and songwriter of HiperBarrio. Carmen is incredibly shy, especially behind the lens of a camera, but her eyes and ears are always observing, keen observations about herself and her community which make their way into each of her poems and posts published frequently on her blog, Baúl de Letras. Carmen is also one of the authors of Nunca Será Suficiente, a group blog novel.

Rising Voices at the Global Voices Summit 2008

  20 May 2008

Five representatives from Rising Voices will present their experiences - either as trainers or trainees - in citizen media outreach projects in Colombia, Bolivia, Madagascar, and Kenya at this year's Global Voices Summit on June 28 in Budapest, Hungary.

Featured Posts: April 19 – May 3

  3 May 2008

One of the most exciting developments from last week's batch of posts is that many Rising Voices participants are using their blogs as more than just spaces of communication. They have realized that by tapping into the support of a community, they are able to start campaigns to help their neighbors in need.